Roku Silver Handmade Earrings Natural Citrine Eugen Steier


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    At Diamond Rocks of Cheltenham Spa we are proud to launch this new range from Eugen Steier. The Roku Silver Handmade Earrings Natural Citrine Eugen Steier are a glamorous yet edgy iconic range from this great designer. These earrings are also part of a collection with ring and pendant to match. These earrings are made with 925 sterling silver and come with 2 x 5mm natural Citrine Gemstones. Diamond rocks of Cheltenham Spa are proud to bring you this inspired and one of a kind new jewellery collection by the award winning designer Eugen Steier. 

    About This Item

    • Earrings: Roku Silver Handmade Earrings Natural Citrine Eugen Steier
    • Material: Silver 925 Sterling Silver
    • Gemstone: 2 x 5mm Citrine gemstones
    • Each Earring Weighs: 5 grams
    • Stone Size: 5mm
    • Earrings: 19 mm High and 14 mm Wide
    • Short Description: They have a beautiful regular texture and polished edges
    • Product Code: ROK2AG004


    Your Jewellery will be delivered to you complete with the luxury branded box. Beautiful jewellery, beautifully presented. All jewellery is handmade by Eugen in Barcelona, Spain.

    Due to the handmade nature of the range, some items may take 2-3 weeks for delivery. Please contact us to confirm a delivery date at

    Free Shipping to the UK

    The Roku Silver Handmade Earrings Natural Citrine Eugen Steier are earrings of beauty and have unique characteristics. Diamond Rocks of Cheltenham Spa are the only company in the U.K. selling the Eugen Steier Ranges & Collections.


    ES Jewellery is a contemporary jewellery brand from Barcelona, Spain. The brand was created by the german goldsmith and silversmith Eugen Steier, who lives and works in Barcelona since 2003. Eugen started his goldsmith career in 1999 and with almost two decades of professional experience, he was able to create a unique style for his handmade jewellery. Minimalist but powerful designs are combined with german craftsmanship and highest quality standards. Every piece of jewellery is 100 % handmade in his own jewellery store in Barcelona. It was opened in February  2014 in the heart of the bohemian and creative neighbourhood of the old town named El Born.
    Customers from all around the world appreciate the interior design of the jewellery store and feel confident with the professional appearance of the workshop, where all pieces are created. Besides choosing a piece of jewellery from a great variety of collections in the store, clients often take the opportunity to place a custom order that is unique and absolutely personalised. The jewellery is then shipped to their homes.
    always one of a kind.


    ES Jewellery only uses  “home” made 18k gold alloys and clients can choose between yellow, white and rose gold. Platinum, Titanium and Silver is also used in our creations, often  in combinations with more contemporary materials like Acrylic Glass or precious wood. ES Jewellery uses only natural gemstones of high quality for their creations. All ES Jewellery products have a two year guarantee and a card is included for each jewellery piece with its reference number and date of purchase. ES Jewellery are specialists in custom made wedding rings. Our couples appreciate the genuine ring designs, that became our trademark. Precious works of art for one of the most important events of our lives. Eugen Steier is also offering jewellery classes for beginners, advanced students or professionals since 2005. Students from all over the world have already enjoyed the personalised workshops where they can learn all the traditional gold smithing skills and special techniques like the Korean “Keum Boo”, the fusion of 24k gold with sterling silver. Diamond Rocks of Cheltenham Spa is the very first jewellery store that received the licence for offering ES Jewellery in their shop. So if you purchase any jewellery piece made by ES Jewellery, you can be sure that it is 100 % handmade, original, genuine and always one of a kind.


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