Cluster Cuff White Gold Bracelet Joubi London


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    Cluster Cuff White Gold Bracelet Joubi London. Diamond Rocks of Cheltenham Spa are proud to bring you this pure and glamorous bracelet as part of our Joubi London Cluster Cuff Collection handmade. Our classic Cluster Cuff bracelet contains 5 round cut Princess Cut Stones. The Cluster Cuff is comfortable and simple in design that should sit well with most existing gold jewellery. Cast in sterling silver with white 18ct gold plating and embellished with 5 princess cut stones. A simple and elegant bracelet makes the perfect gift or for yourself for everyday use. You can combine this bracelet with the our White Gold Cuff earrings. The Cluster Cuff White Gold Bracelet Joubi London is a bracelet item you can wear with everything from day to night.


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    Product: Cluster Cuff White Gold Bracelet Joubi London

    Material: Sterling Silver and 18ct White Gold

    Gemstones: 5 Princess Cut European Premium CZ Stones

    Availability: In stock at Diamond Rocks of Cheltenham Spa

    Description: Cluster Cuff White Gold Bracelet Joubi London

    Code: JOUB170242

    Wrapping: Comes Luxury Gift for that special Person by Diamond Rocks of Cheltenham Spa



    Each piece within the collection was designed to make the owner feel like they are wearing something special. Joubi achieves this through its uncompromising design process and its sourcing and use of only the finest materials.

    Various different materials and processes are employed to complete the range. Sterling silver with 18K gold micro-plating in a variety of different colours is used for certain items. Solid 18-Karat rose, yellow, white and blackened gold for others. Feature stones in the ring collections include Black Onyx, Smoky Quartz, Amethysts, Moonstones and coloured Tourmalines. Also utilised to surround feature stones and to create a feature of themselves are brilliant pavé diamonds and sapphires in various colours.

    Everything is designed to compliment the human form.

    As a finishing touch, each piece is engraved with the Joubi logo featuring a fancy yellow diamond to top the i. This gives each piece a final seal of quality.

    Unmistakeably Joubi!


    Unlike other jewellery brands, Joubi’s pieces are designed with the individual wearer in mind rather than a particular fashion style or look. This is so that the wearer can express their own style and yet still feel that the piece is complimentary to their own look. In this way, the chosen piece will take on its own form, depending on who the wearer is and in what context the piece is being worn, whether that be at a glamorous formal event or simply a relaxed evening with friends.


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