Baies Handmade Silver Collection by Daniel Vior


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    A Baies Handmade Silver Collection by Daniel Vior. This is a Daniel Vior Silver Collection Baies which is handmade by the award winning Spanish designer Daniel Vior using the finest sterling silver. This beautiful individually hand-painted silver collection with red enamel truly stands out. The Baies Handmade Silver Collection by Daniel Vior is also available in 18ct gold. Daniel Vior has been making bespoke jewellery in Barcelona for the last 25 years. At Diamond Rocks of Cheltenham Spa we believe Daniel’s jewellery is unique and iconic in every detail. At Diamond Rocks of Cheltenham Spa we strive to bring you the most beautiful handmade jewellery in the world


    Fruit and graphic concept.
 Embossed strokes representing berries: little fruits that with its bright colours avoid going unnoticed by the “sowers” of its seeds.

    Diamond Rocks of Cheltenham Spa are currently the largest stockist of these spell binding collections in the UK. All Daniel Vior jewellery is handmade by Daniel in Barcelona, Spain.

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    Product: Baies Handmade Silver Collection by Daniel Vior

    Material: 925 Sterling Silver and Rhodium Plated for added protection

    Colours: Red Enamel

    Product Code: 776990



    For more than 20 years, Daniel Vior has found his inspiration, designed, and produced his artistic creations in the heart of Barcelona. He likes to work with silver which he forms and frequently ornaments with precious stones and coloured enamels of his own creation.
    Beginning with a concept, he makes a standard drawing which he later develops and adapts according to its function, be it ring, earring, or necklace.
    The meaning of life inspires Daniel Vior’s designs. He focuses himself on nature with an almost scientific point of view, deriving his concepts from plant life, and malacology. He explores their significance and possibilities. The structures of his pieces are metaphors of desires and feelings related to actions such as distancing, attraction, growth, flexibility, touching, and diluting.

    A Quote from Daniel: “Everything starts when you fall in love with a concept: the abstraction of a word, an organic solution, a conclusion from investigating a structure, a shape, a composition,… and you want to represent it, to make it tangible, and it all starts again when this tiny object becomes part of your self-expression and language, acquiring its sense and transmitting its content: an emotional and aesthetic significance.”


    Due to the handmade nature of the Daniel Vior range, some items may take 2-3 weeks for delivery.Please contact us on Cheltenham Spa 01242 500211 with any questions and we will look after you from start to finish in the purchase of your jewellery. Please contact us to confirm a delivery date


    Complimentary bespoke gift wrap

    All Daniel Vior jewellery arrives in elegant packaging.

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