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About Kattri

Amanda Gerbasi ventured into the world of fine jewellery after moving from Brazil to England to study Modern Languages & European Studies at the University of Bath. After graduating, Amanda enrolled on a business and gemology course, it was then that Amanda discovered her passion for design and gained the confidence to pursue a career within the fine jewellery industry.

Amanda has a unique and minimalist style that is consistent throughout her designs. Amanda’s previous studies of Architecture in Brazil have influenced much of this distinctive style.

Amanda’s passion and skills led to the founding of her contemporary jewellery brand KATTRI. The label focuses on pushing the boundaries of aesthetics by marrying minimalist lines and architectural shapes with beautiful gemstones.

About the range

A sophisticated and contemporary, fine jewellery brand that marries unique, minimalist design with elegantly, exquisite gemstones to produce an unparalleled perfection.

The creation of a piece of KATTRI jewellery begins with the exploration of a concept through sketches that evolve into possible designs.

The chosen design is then transformed into a 3D CAD model. A prototype is created to assess the comfort and visual impact of the piece and for corrections. If necessary a second prototype is produced. Often this step is repeated more than once to arrive at the perfect design.

Simultaneously the metal and gemstones are chosen in accordance with the mood intended for the piece to present.

KATTRI jewellery is exclusive, sophisticated and contemporary.

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